Portraits (II)


Sonntag 22 Juli
09:30 pm

The closing program gathered rare portraits of protagonists from the US and Germany’s experimental and underground scene. Showcased are films by Birgit and Wilhelm Hein, Gregory Markopoulos, Hollis Frampton, Klaus Telscher and Christoph Janetzko and Dorothee Wenner.

Special Guest: Birgit Hein (Berlin)

JACK SMITH (Excerpt from HOME MOVIES 1971–1981) W+B Hein West Germany 1971–81 3 min Digital file
HULDA ZUMSTEG Gregory Markopoulos USA 1969 3 min
(NOSTALGIA) Hollis Frampton USA 1971 36 min
HER MONA Klaus Telscher Germany 1992 7 min
HOLLYWOOD KILLED ME Christoph Janetzko, Dorothee Wenner West Germany 1988 18 min