Portraits (I)


Sonntag 22 Juli
07:00 pm

PORTRAIT OF JASON (Shirley Clarke, USA 1967), shot in one night, from nine pm till nine in the morning, is about the African-American hustler Jason Holliday. In Shirley Clarke's room at the top of the Chelsea Hotel he talks about his life as a “male prostitute,” as a “housemaid,” a marriage swindler, an employee in a dog cemetery and a nightclub entertainer. Each sequence is one single take. “PUCE MOMENT is a fragment from an abandoned film project entitled ‘Puce Woman’. […] A lavishly colored evocation of the Hollywood now gone, as shown through an afternoon in the milieu of a 1920's film star.” (Marilyn Singer)

Introduction: Nanna Heidenreich (Berlin)

PUCE MOMENT Kenneth Anger USA 1949 7 min
PORTRAIT OF JASON Shirley Clarke 1967 108 min