30.10.1978: Images and Structures


Samstag 14 Juli
06:30 pm

Avant-garde at the Arsenal 2 presents works of diverse genres in October. As a historical example: EIN LICHTSPIEL: SCHWARZ WEISS GRAU by the painter László Moholy-Nagy who attempted through black and white film […] to achieve color. [This leads to] the flicker films by Tony and Beverly Conrad in which black and white frames flicker at alternating intervals, their rhythms transforming them into color fields through projection. [I]n James Benning’s feature-length film [11 x 14], composed of single shots, each shot individually narrates something but remains open. This openness holds the film together and encourages a personal narrative where the viewer uncovers details and recurring elements that form a leitmotif, not unlike suddenly uncovering a melody in Steve Reich’s static compositions.” (Alf Bold)

Introduction: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (Berlin)

EIN LICHTSPIEL: SCHWARZ WEISS GRAU László Moholy-Nagy Germany/USSR 1930 35mm 6 min
STRAIGHT AND NARROW Beverly and Tony Conrad USA 1970 10 min
11 x 14 James Benning USA 1977 35mm 82 min