Hall of Mirrors


Freitag 13 Juli
07:00 pm

This program functioned as a hall of mirrors that distorts, reflects, observes and duplicates people, animals and objects. Featuring films by Mary Ellen Bute, Robert Breer, Hans Richter, Rudy Burckhard, Warren Sonbert, Christine Noll Brinckmann and Kenneth Anger. Noll Brinckmann whose film DRESS REHEARSAL UND KAROLA 2 (1981) is an homage to underground star Kenneth Anger will be present for the screening. It was Alf Bold’s request before his death that Brinckmann co-manage the Alf-Bond-Experimental-Film-Fonds.

Special Guest: Noll Brinckmann (Berlin)

ESCAPE Mary Ellen Bute USA 1937 4 min
A MAN AND HIS DOG OUT FOR AIR Robert Breer USA 1957 2 min
ALLES DREHT SICH, ALLES BEWEGT SICH Hans Richter Germany 1929 8 min
UNDER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE Rudy Burckhard USA 1953 15 min
HALL OF MIRRORS Warren Sonbert USA 1966 7 min
DRESS REHEARSAL UND KAROLA 2 Noll Brinckmann West Germany 1981 7 min
KUSTOM KAR KOMMANDOS Kenneth Anger USA 1965 4 min
SCORPIO RISING Kenneth Anger USA 1963 29 min