Presentations, Talks, Discussions, Films

with/by Erika Balsom (London), Phil Collins (Wuppertal/Berlin), Monica Delgado (Lima), Corry Elyda (Jakarta), Heinz Emigholz (Berlin), Ulrich Gregor (Berlin), Martin Grennberger (Stockholm), Birgit Hein (Berlin), Shai Heredia (Bangalore), Anuj Malhotra (Noida), Kamila Metwaly (Berlin), Abhishek Nilamber (Berlin), José Sarmiento-Hinojosa (Lima), Hiroko Tasaka (Tokyo), Bert Rebhandl (Berlin), Sophie Charlotte Rieger (Berlin)

Sonntag 8 Juli
11:00 am - 10:00 pm

The day has started with a presentation by curator Hiroko Tasaka (Tokyo) about expanded cinema and the role of film magazines in the development of an experimental film culture in Japan. Filmmaker and curator Shai Heredia (Bangalore) participated in a live Skype conversation focusing on the origins and history of the Adolfas Mekas Award for cinematic madness, risk taking, and the making of spirited mistakes which is presented at Experimenta, a moving image art biennial that Heredia founded in 2003. Filmmaker Birgit Hein (Berlin) engaged in discussion with scholar and co-founder of the Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek/Friends of the German Film Archive (now: Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art) Ulrich Gregor (Berlin) and artist and filmmaker Heinz Emigholz (Berlin) about the overseas exchanges among film cultures in New York, Cologne and Berlin from the 1960s to the 1980s. The afternoon sessions began with a Q&A with Jonas Mekas via Skype. Film critic Bert Rebhandl (Berlin) moderated a dicussion with five film critics active today, both online blogs and in print media: Mónica Delgado and José Sarmiento-Hinojosa, directors of the online film web magazine desistfilm (Peru); Corry Elyda, an editor of Cinema Poetica, an online platform for film studies and criticism (Indonesia); Martin Grennberger, founding editor of Walden, a magazine focusing on international documentary and experimental cinema (Sweden); and Sophie Charlotte Rieger (Germany), a critic who runs the blog filmlöwin that focuses on films made by or about women. Film scholar Erika Balsom (London) offered the final presentation of the day, a discussion about strategies of circulation within the history of North American and European avant-gardes from the 1960s until the present. Balsom will also engage in discussion with Kamila Metwaly, Abhishek Nilamber and critic and curator Anuj Malhotra (New Delhi) about production, exhibition and distribution strategies for independent filmmakers in India. 

11:00 Hiroko Tasaka (Tokyo)
on expanded cinema and experimental film culture in Japan
12:00 Shai Heredia (Bangalore)
on Adolfas Mekas in Bangalore 

13:00 Heinz Emigholz, Ulrich Gregor and Birgit Hein (Berlin)
on film cultures overseas 

14:00 Break 

15:00 Phil Collins (Wuppertal/Berlin)
on visual art communities in the 1980s and ‘90s  

15:30 Corry Elyda (Jakarta), Mónica Delgado & José Sarmiento-Hinojosa (Lima), Martin Grennberger (Stockholm) and Sophie Charlotte Rieger (Berlin)
in conversation with Bert Rebhandl (Berlin) about film writing today

17:00 Anuj Malhotra (New Delhi), Kamila Metwaly (Cairo/Berlin) and Abhishek Nilamber (Berlin)
in conversation with Erika Balsom (London) about strategies of circulation
18:00 Break 

20:00 Film Series Opening at Kino Arsenal
with Jonas Mekas (New York)