Presentations, Talks, Discussions, Films

with/by Suliman Mohamed Ibrahim Elnour (Khartoum), Haytham El-Wardany (Berlin), Mohamed A. Gawad (Cairo), Harun Farocki Institut (Berlin), Kalani Michell (Frankfurt/Main), Juan A. Suárez (Murcia)

Samstag 7 Juli
11:00 am - 08:00 pm

Film scholar Juan A. Suárez (Murcia) opened the day with a talk investigating links between Film Culture and Spain and Latin America. Suárez highlighted the various Spanish and Latin American figures who appeared in the pages of the magazine and discuss the development of affiliated film communities in Spanish-speaking countries. Filmmaker and chairperson of the Sudanese Film Group, Suliman Mohamed Ibrahim Elnour (Omdurman) provided insight into the history of cinema in a country marked by colonialism, civil wars, and coup d'états. While providing little-known information about the unique development of film institutions in Sudan, Elnour highlighted the significance of film magazines and writing about film to the country's modernization. In the afternoon, media studies scholar Kalani Michell (Frankfurt/Main) zeroed in on the design elements of Film Culture magazine, discussing artist and Fluxus founder George Maciunas's graphic design against the backdrop of contemporary artist magazines. Mohamed A. Gawad (Cairo) and Haytham El-Wardany (Berlin) addressed the film magazine Kurrasat and the development of independent film institutions, such as the Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre in Cairo. In the final afternoon session, the Harun Farocki Institut (HaFi, Berlin) presented Filmkritik 335-336 (Nov.-Dez. 1984), a special issue of this important German film magazine that is dedicated to filmmaker Emile de Antonio, a key figure in the New American Cinema. For financial reasons, this issue of Filmkritik, although laid out and proofed, was never printed. It was published for the first time in the context of Edit Film Culture! The responsible editor for the issue, Jürgen Ebert, has been on hand to discuss Filmkritik with HaFi.  

The evening featured two special concerts. Sonic Youth co-founder, Thurston Moore (London) gave a solo show, which was followed by Jonas Mekas & Friends, a concert of an eleven-piece band consisting of Mekas's friends and longtime collaborators from Berlin, Kaunas, Naples, New York and Vilnius. This unique musical event was presented by the Lithuanian Cultural Institute.

11:00 Juan A. Suárez (Murcia)
on Film Culture and Latin America

12:00 Suliman Mohamed Ibrahim Elnour (Khartoum)
on guns, film cameras, magazines, and the Sudan Film Group  

13:00 Break
14:00 Kalani Michell (Frankfurt/Main)
on magazines in a box

15:00 Mohamed A. Gawad (Cairo) and Haytham El-Wardany (Berlin)
on film magazines and contemporary film culture in Egypt
16:30 Break
17:00 Harun Farocki Institut and Jürgen Ebert (Berlin)
present: Filmkritik 335/336, 1984  

18:00 Break  

20:00 Concerts
Thurston Moore (New York/London)
Jonas Mekas & Friends (New York, Vilnius, Kaunas, Naples)