Presentations, Talks, Discussions, Films

with/by Didi Cheeka (Lagos), Karola Gramann (Frankfurt/Main), Vinzenz Hediger (Frankfurt/Main), Anne König (Leipzig), Jonas Mekas (New York), Barbara Rubin (New York), Heide Schlüpmann (Frankfurt/Main), Amy Taubin (New York), Yvonne Zimmermann (Marburg), Mark Webber (London)

Freitag 6 Juli
02:00 pm - 11:30 pm

The first day of talks introduced the festival's dual focus on Film Culture magazine and film culture today. Media studies scholar Yvonne Zimmerman (Marburg) addressed the significance of German-born artist, filmmaker and writer Hans Richter for the early days of Film Culture magazine. Richter's concept of film culture was quite influential for the magazine, although it also stood in tension with the developing strands of underground film celebrated within the publication's pages. Avant-garde film curator and publisher Mark Webber (London) offered his first public presentation of an oral history project on avant-garde cinema, a long-term research project made possible by a grant from the British Academy. Webber played audio excerpts from interviews about Film Culture and its relationship to the development of the New American Cinema. Kamila Metwaly and Abhishek Nilamber presented a short video made by one of the artists featured in “United Screens.” The screening was followed by a presentation by Off-Nollywood filmmaker and critic Didi Cheeka (Lagos) on writing about film within the context of Nigerian's independent film scene, moderated by film studies scholar Vinzenz Hediger (Frankfurt/Main). The afternoon sessions concluded with a conversation with critic Amy Taubin (New York) about the significance of Film Culture for her development as a writer and for a broader North American film culture. Taubin, who is known not only for her writing, but also for her appearances in films by Andy Warhol and Michael Snow (WAVELENGTH), has engage in discussion with curator Karola Gramann (Frankfurt/Main) and scholar Heide Schlüpmann (Frankfurt/Main ), co-founder of the journal Frauen und Film.  

In the evening, there was a rare screening of Barbara Rubin's sexually provocative, aesthetically challenging double-screen epic CHRISTMAS ON EARTH (1963). The film was presented in the context of the release of Film Culture 80: The Legend of Barbara Rubin (Spector Books, 2018). Film scholar Ara Osterweil (Montreal) has provided a video introduction and Anne König (Leipzig), Jonas Mekas (New York) and Chuck Smith (New York) discussed Rubin and the history of Film Culture.

14:00 Introduction

14:30 Yvonne Zimmermann (Marburg)
on Hans Richter and the displacement of film culture  

15:30 Mark Webber (London)
with an oral history of the early days of Film Culture magazine  

16:30 Break  

17:00 Abhishek Nilamber (Berlin) & Kamila Metwaly (Cairo/Berlin)
present: United Screens  

17:30 Didi Cheeka (Lagos) in conversation with Vinzenz Hediger (Frankfurt/Main)
about Off-Nollywood and film criticism in Nigeria  

18:30 Amy Taubin (New York) in conversation with Heide Schlüpmann & Karola Gramann (Frankfurt/Main) about Film Culture, film criticism and Frauen und Film (Women and Film)  

19:30 Break  

20:30 Jonas Mekas (New York), Anne König (Leipzig), Ara Osterweil (Montreal)
present: Film Culture 80: The Legend of Barbara Rubin (Spector Books, 2018) and an expanded cinema screening of CHRISTMAS ON EARTH Barbara Rubin USA 1963 b/w & color 29 min